Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cavs made a run, but lost 75-72 .The Cavs are down by three games in the series.And obviously the refs already had the game planned.The Cavaliers head coach Mike Brown also made some mistakes late in the game. On the last play of the game Lebron got fouled on a three point attempt and the refs didn't call it. After the game Lebron pleaded his case, but the Cavs will still have a chance to start a comeback on Thursday at 8:30.


Cavaliers win game 4 94-84 Lebron James is going to have to step up tonight.

Cavaliers over the Spurs 4-3 in the series

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Anonymous said...

Granted, the refs did seem to blow some calls, but not as badly as the head coach did. I mean, after all, he has shown bad judgement during the entire series, especially when he has pulled LeBron out during critical junctures in the game.

I think the talent is there in Cleveland, but the coach is making some bonehead decisions. Let's hope the Cavs call pull off a miracle comeback on the next game.

What is your prediction on the score for the next game?